The Third Eye, Meuzza the Cat and a ginger kitten called Tom

In Thomas Angel and the Order of the Cataibh, we find Felix instructing Tom to focus on his third eye, touching the M on his forehead, and telling Tom to focus his energy on the point until he sees a luminescent light. This third eye, or anja (brow) chakra, is said to be the gateway to clairvoyance, extrasensory perception, and heightening your energetic vibration to enable the person (or ginger kitten) to use the power within their body.

Felix teaches Tom to listen to his intuition, to recognise the energetic power we all have within, and learn to become a strong peaceful warrior. Although Tom fails time and time again, he slowly learns that it is when he focuses on love, not hate, that his power magnifies, and he is in control of it.
We all this power inside us, if only we remember it’s there. Every thought, every gesture we have, has an impact on the energy within us, it can expand or contract our power. If, like Tom and Felix, we focus on love and understanding instead of hate and anger that power unfurls into something larger than ourselves, touching those around us with our love and understanding.

My favourite story about the M on a cat’s forehead is that of the Prophet Mohammed and his cat Meuzza. The legend goes that Mohammed loved this cat so much that he touched the cat on the forehead, marking it with a M for Mohammed, giving Meuzza and all cats across time, his protection and love, and throughout history all cats have the mark of Mohammed on their forehead, where their third eye would be. It’s such a lovely concept that all cats are watched over and have the Prophet’s protection, love and enlightenment. Just in the same way that Felix, and everyone else in the Order of the Cataibh, watches over Tom, protecting and loving him.

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