Thomas Angel and the Art of Kintsugi

In Japan there is a tradition of repairing broken china and ceramics with gold. This process is known as Kintsugi, and the results are exquisitely beautiful.  

The Japanese believe that when something is damaged it becomes more beautiful in its fragility, and it’s the same way as I think of Tom Angel.  

Tom is essentially a broken kitten. He was abandoned by his parents at birth, he thinks his mother died after he was born, leaving him in the Orphanage, and his father is unknown. He is bullied for being small, scrawny and ginger, and his only friend in the world is Zachariah, who by his own words knows that black cats are deemed creepy (they’re not, they are beautiful). As Tom (and Zachariah) grow they develop more fractures in their souls, they are passed over for adoption, thrown out into the streets to fend for themselves and although they find security in their adopted families and friends the cracks are still there, the fragments can never heal completely. Although at times Tom is fragile and weak, his shame and guilt overriding his intuition of the power in him, the light is still there. The gold in his veins pulsates through his body and seals the splinters in his soul, what makes him fragile makes him stronger in the end. And I think in some way we are all the same as Tom, the cracks in our souls are where the aurelian slowly oozes into the crevices, making us stronger and more powerful than we can ever imagine. 

Be more like Tom and acknowledge the power within you. Remember, the splinters in your soul are filled with gold. 

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