The Power Within

This is entirely my opinion, and I don’t ask anyone else to agree with me, but I do believe we all have a power within us that we can harness to expand our experience of the world around us.  

In both Thomas Angel novels, I write about the power within. Felix tells Tom to focus on his third eye, and to see a light emerge, and as the light becomes brighter, so Tom’s power evolves and grows. As he works on this power, Tom realises its connection to his emotions, and when he experiences the strongest feelings, whether its anger and hatred towards Sophia and all the pain and hurt she is causing, or whether it is the love he feels for his friends and family, Tom can feel his insides fizz with the energy, and it’s this sensation that drives our scared, timid, tenderpaw of a hero into the adventure, the energy effervescing through him motivating him to keep moving forward, whether he is scared or not. 

Everyone has this power within them. Maybe not to aim a paw and have an arc of light energy propel your nemesis across a room, but if we tune into that power, that energy within, we can do anything. I believe it links into your soul, your greater connection to those around us, and the magnetic energy within the universe. It’s why your cat can sense when your sad and why you get that skin crawling feeling in a bad situation. So use your power, it’s there inside of you, at all times, just waiting for you to unleash it. 

Master the power within you. 

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