V.S. Minou lives in Scotland with her three cats. She is the author of Thomas Angel and The Order of the Cataibh and Thomas Angel and the Clach Na Cait, the first two novels in the Thomas Angel Trilogy. The third novel, Thomas Angel and The Power Of Three is due to be published in Winter 2023.

Semi feral, V.S. Minou has always lived in a fantasy world where the mythical creatures dwell. As a child she spent most of her time in the library, discovering worlds and people she could never have imagined, but never dreamed that one day she would turn her fantasy worlds into reality and become an author.

An animal advocate she believes that all sentient beings should have the same rights, whether they have skin, fur, scales or feathers.

‘Writing is alchemy. It metamorphoses the fantasy world and characters that live inside my head and transforms them into the real world. I am the only the wordsmith that tells their story.’

She is a weirdo and proud of it.

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