Angel Wings

We all have wings, but some of us don’t know why.’ 

Song Lyrics: INXS Never Tear Us Apart

I’ve always loved this line, it speaks of the fear of not fulfilling your potential, freedom, and of knowing your true self. Flying. 

Now of course, it always makes me think of Tom Angel.  

He was named Angel at the Edinburgh Orphans Hospital because at either side of his face his fur darkens to a perfectly shaped wing. And it seems apt for Tom, at first not knowing who he is and being afraid and feeling alone and unworthy. He doesn’t think anyone else understands him or feels the same, but who hasn’t felt like that at some stage, small ginger kittens included.  

But every person, cat or human, has so much potential, we all have wings, but either we can’t see that for ourselves, or something or someone holds us back from achieving that potential… We don’t fly. We might try a few times, stuttering along the ground, flapping wildly before eventually giving up but nobody flies on the first attempt, you have to keep trying, or you’ll never grow muscles strong enough to keep yourself in the air, to let you fly. 

Tom is a flapper. He tries and fails so many times; he feels stupid and unworthy and the odd one out, but he keeps trying. Keeps stretching his wings and attempting to fly, and one day he will, I’m sure of it.  

Ultimately Never Tear Us Apart is a love song, about the power of love and a bond between souls that can never be broken. After all, isn’t that all that really matters, love and being able to fly?

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