Light and Dark

The Cailleach took Brigid and Nechtan’s paws in hers.

‘Do you wish to be one, in this life and the next?’ she asked, looking from Brigid to Nechtan.

Brigid could feel the power surge through her body, making the tips of her fur effervesce with energy. She could feel the heat coming from Nechtan’s paw, tightly holding on to hers.

‘’Yes,’ they answered in unison.

‘Brigid and Nechtan, have you both come to this place to be joined together of your own free will?’

‘Yes,’ they replied, smiling at each other.

The Cailleach took a piece of red silk and wound it around both their paws, tying it tightly together.

As she wound their paws together she chanted. ‘In perfect love and in perfect trust you are bound together forever, in this life and the next. May the light of your souls be forever entwined as your paws are today.’

She turned to the gathered cats and raised her fore paws in the air, her bells and bangles clinking as she did so.

‘Will all you who witness this union, love and support them, through the dark times as well as the light?’

The gathered cats all lifted their paws and shouted ‘yes!’ as one.

Cruithne looked around, Talroc stood at the back of the room, his paws crossed in front of him. Kissing his wife Eithne on the cheek he walked over to where Talroc stood.

‘So, now your sister’s married, things will be different around here,’ he said stroking his whiskers, waiting to see Talroc’s reaction.

Talroc glanced up at Cruithne, for a moment his eyes flashed. Cruithne wasn’t sure the emotion behind them, but he felt his hackles rise.

‘Different how?’ Talroc asked.

Cruithne leaned back against the wall, ‘well your sister will have different priorities now, she has a husband and soon there will be kittens, it’s time for me to take a step back, let you all fulfil your destinies.’

Talroc straightened up and puffed out his chest, ‘I am ready now father, for wherever my destiny takes me.’

‘I’m sure you are Talroc,’ said Cruithne, ‘but today is Brigid’s day, your destiny will still be there tomorrow.’

Cruithne smiled at Talroc but only received a stern look from his son.

‘A word from an old, wise warrior Talroc, don’t rush into your future, enjoy the present as you don’t know what tomorrow will bring.’

Cruithne patted Talroc on his shoulder and walked back towards wedding party, holding out his paws as Brigid ran into them, laughing.

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